PONY x MEMEBOX⎪Shine Easy Glam Palettes One & Two

With Lisa Eldridge's approval of Korean beauty products, I thought I'd go with the flow and post this hot product from Korea. 

Sometime in the near future, I want to post a tutorial (or something like a tutorial) using these two palettes and kind of spend a whole video talking about my obsession with a makeup artist who goes by the name Pony. She is a young Korean makeup artist and recently a Youtuber (who doesn't actually post videos herself; just films and has the production crew do the editing and uploading). I have been gushing over her unbelievable talent and kind of went all ways to get her bestselling books and her collaboration palettes.

Discovery Product #8⎪SebaMed Cleansing Bar

I'm adding to my "Brand Discovery" / "Discovery Product" series. This time, it is not about makeup . It's a skincare product, and in a bigger sense, about their skincare line that I've never heard of before. It is called SebaMed. My mother knows how much I ail about my skin and in her random shopping, she came across this brand and thought I should try it. 

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet⎪La Romanesque (No.50)

Definition Makeup⎪Eyes & Lips

I received a gift from a friend and used it for the first time on camera. It was the Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet "La Romanesque". I loved, loved it so much!

Anyway, this time around I'm being brave and experimenting with the whole "doing-my-makeup-on-camera" thing. This meant exposing my bare naked face. I had to add some filter because my bare face is really... ha! But still, to show the effect of makeup, I thought it was best to show it.

Makeup Inspiration #1⎪Natural, Fresh & Flushed

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