Wednesday, April 16, 2014

DIY: How to Make the Best Virgin Mojito

For all you non-drinkers, this DIY drink is for you. After trying an awesome virgin mojito when in London, I thought I'd make it my job to make it myself at home. It's the perfect spring/summer drink, and a great way to serve your friends and family who are over! It's my favorite kind of mock-tail and I hope you enjoy it too! 

I am no chef, let alone even being good in the kitchen so bear with me if my directions are ambiguous. Here's what you'll need:
  • Ginger ale
  • Pellegrino or any kind of Sparkling Water(optional/ you can use all ginger ale, but I like to dilute the ale with the sparking water)
  • Lime Juice (I used the Italian Volcano Organic Lime Juice)
  • Limes
  • Mint leaves
  • Cilantro (optional)
  • ICE.
  • Sugar (optional)
  • Apple Juice (optional)

Let me tell you how I like my drink. FULL OF MINTS, and tasting more than just sweet or sour. I like a bit of depth so I did use pretty much all the ingredients I stated above.

Here's what I did:

  • Chop up the mint leaves. I used about one whole batch of them. 
  • Cut the limes into decent sizes. Make sure you wash them first since they'll be soaking in your drink the whole time!

  • Make the juice:
    • In one serving cup size, I put in 1/4 cup of lime juice.
    • Then, I added 1/2 cup of ginger ale.
    • Added just a sip of apple juice (apple soda). Literally, a sip. Nothing too much!
    • Topped it with pelligrino to the top. 
    • Add ice accordingly. (I didn't have ice, so I made sure to make all my drinks really cold before using them).
  • Add the mint leaves. More the better.
  • Squeeze in some fresh lime, then just drop them into the drink.
  • MIX! Let the mint really get soaked with the rest of the drink.
  • Pour more ice (if you want)
  • You've got yourself a fresh, icey, minty, refreshing sweet tarty VIRGIN MOJITO :) 

Yum yum! It is so refreshing, I love it. What I did was, make just the juice and constantly added it to my drink as I finished it. I think it's easy to get creative with it, no set rules!

Tell me if you've ever made a mock-tail before, and what drinks you recommend. If you do try this virgin mojito, send me a link so I can take a look! I love to see it :)

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Best of PRIMERS.

I wear primers all four seasons, but if you're going to choose only two season when you're going to wear primers it might as well be spring and summer. Hotter months mean more sweat, more oil, and perhaps leading to more makeup wearing off throughout the day.

I've picked the best of all primers, the ones that really do the job of keep your makeup looking intact and fresh as long as your skin will hold. I've got two for the face, and one for the eyes.

Hourglass Mineral Veil Oil-Free Primer (SPF15)
Self-explanatory product. It is what it says it is. This stuff is truly amazing, and worth the splurge. I began with a sample, moved on to the $18 smaller bottle. Now, I've gone through a big 1oz. bottle and moved into a JUMBO sized 2oz. It's that good. This white almost "slippery" substance somehow keeps your makeup on the whole day. I'm not going to say it helps the skin stay necessarily matte the whole time, but even when you put your skin of oil (by either oil-blotting paper or powder), this primer will help your makeup stay on even while you pat the oil off your face. It keeps your skin looking velvety.

This Works "In Transit Camera Closeup"
I'm obsessed with this brand, but that aside. This is some miracle product. It promises a 3-1 job: moisturizer, mask, and primer. It's meant to help your skin stay pampered during flights when your skin can get patchy and dry, so much that even when you land and you're "papped" you still look camera-ready good.
We may not all be paparazzi-ed but there's nothing bad about trying to look camera-ready all the time. It's been awhile since I've had this product, but it's not been recently that I've really tried it out for days on end. This is very different from the Hourglass primer mentioned above in that this product is very dewy and tightening. After my skincare, I take about two pumps of this product and spread it evenly and gently all over my face. I make sure not to rub this in (don't rub primers into the skin, let them set on the skin!). Once you put it all over, you'll feel your skin feeling hydrated, dewy, and also tight.
Once you feel that the primer has been completely absorbed, then that's when you can move on to your foundation. Make sure you wait until the product has been absorbed, so that you don't feel any wetness on your skin. It should be soft and velvety.
This has helped my skin look very fresh throughout the day. I also love using this when my skin is especially tired-looking and feeling dehydrated. This is a skincare-type primer, so for those with problem skin, this may be a goodie!

NARS Eyeshadow Primer
I've blogged about this amazing product before as well. I haven't tried too many eyeshadows, but when I compare this eye primer with the famous Urban Decay eye potion, the NARS beats the eye potion by a million miles.
Much like the Hourglass primer, this also feels velvety and a bit "slippery". How these things work like magic is something of another story. You take a pea-size amount of product and dab in on each eyelid. Then you spread it evenly and gently all over the lid. Wait maybe three seconds and apply your eye makeup (you can wait even longer, doesn't matter).
I swear by this thing. Your eyeshadows will not oxidize, changing colors and making them dull. It won't crease, it won't melt, and it just won't budge. I recommend this to everyone, even if they don't have super oily lids because it'll help the vibrancy of your eyeshadows!

I'm still a bit clueless as how these products help makeup last. I know they somehow attach your makeup to the primer, and primer somehow attaches to your skin a certain way-- but as to how that works is beyond me. What I do know is that even if the product looks "slippery", it'll help your makeup from slipping off your face.

DISCOVERY PRODUCT #6. Missha Double Enzyme Oxygen Mask

Missha has been hitting it home with the last few products I've been trying out. A recent skincare favorite is this Double Enzyme Oxygen Mask that has helped soothe and brighten my skin. This is part of their "Super Aqua" range, which is full of products that bring back moisture to the skin. This particular mask is pretty awesome.

This mask contains enzyme to help purify the skin with "O2 Carrier Complex and enzymes". There's no scientist in me, so I couldn't explain to you how this exactly works -- but I've tried "oxygen masks" before, and they are amazing in bringing the skin alive. Makes sense, considering how important this gas is to our system... ha!

Well, the skin knows it too. What's really cool about this mask is that when you open it up, it has these color particles that you are supposed to gently rub into your skin until it dissolves. But also, there are bubbles and foams on the outer surface of the pot! I'm thinking that's the enzymes' doing, and the whole oxygen carrier thing.

It feels relaxing when you spread this all over your skin, after a nicely cleansed wash. I leave it on for about twenty minutes and then wash it off. It is a great skin brightener! I usually do a detox mask before this one (on days when I'm really out to pamper my skin), with something like the Mario Badescu "Drying Mask" (read here). And once I've well detoxed my skin, I go for a mask like this Super Aqua Double Enzyme Oxygen Mask to bring the right moisture back into the skin.

P.S. It smells awesome too. You can find it online here.