Monday, October 20, 2014

Korean Beauty/Skincare Haul, Part Two. HERA and INNISFREE

This is Part Two of my Korean Beauty/Skincare Haul. You can read Part One here. I didn't ask for too much makeup, but I really did want to try the cushion foundations. These cushion products are big in Korean market, and I thought it was about time to try them out and see why. Nowadays, I've been wanting that natural glow skin-like foundation finish. And with the winter season coming, my skin has been breaking out and cracking!

I know that Korean gals love that dewy look, and most of their products are infused with hydration. I thought it'd be perfect for what I was looking for. I got 3 different kinds of cushion products.

One is from Hera, a fairly luxe Korean product. I've tried their foaming cleanser before, which you can see in the picture above, and was happy to get a huge sample. (Yes, they rock when it comes to giving out free products!) The Hera cushion has two kinds. I got the cover edition, since I do have a lot blemishes and breakouts!

The other is from Innisfree, which is the more affordable brand. I got two from them, the water glow and the long-wear cushions.

I'm going to try them out for at least a month and tell you what I think about them! If you've ever tried any of these "cushion" products, tell me your thoughts about them. Here's a peak of what they look like inside :)

Korean Beauty/Skincare Haul, Part One. ISOI SKINCARE

When my mother told me she was going to visit South Korea for a mere week, I took it upon myself to give her a list of things I wanted her to get for me. And kindly, she did. But I have to say, all she had to do was go to the isoi counter and get a bunch of their products. When I went to a Korean skincare/beauty PR event a few months back (read it here), I tried out a product from isoi. It was quite pricey, but what really sold me was that they had a whole line using Bulgarian rose.

Sigh, Bulgarian Rose. Last time my sister went to Bulgaria, she brought back bags... I mean bags of pure Bulgarian rose products. We didn't even know their roses were famous until she went there. Everything and everywhere were rose products. When she brought back the products, I loved them all and I even blogged about a lot of them. You can read some of them here :)

That being said, I guess word got in to the Korean beauty market. The brand isoi brought out a line using Bulgarian rose. But even if it isn't just their line, I just love this brand's philosophy! They promise that their products (ALL) are FREE of: Parabens, synethic colors and fragrance, PEGs, mineral oils, silicones, etc.,... basically, anything toxic for your face. That makes me really happy, it really does!

I will write a more detailed review of each of the products, but one that is a repurchase (the one I tried from the PR event) is the Blemish Care Serum from their Bulgarian Rose line. It feels like water. It seems like nothing, but oh, the difference it made!

I am also currently trying the Bulgarian Rose Waterful Cream which so far feels amazing.

There is going to be a Part Two, where I talk about some of the makeup I got. I'm just having fun trying all these products, whoohoo! :) Read it here!


wearing High Roller

I'm still waiting for nail polish brands to come out with smaller sizes. But in the meantime, I'm still collecting nail polishes and it is becoming quite a collection. There is a new favorite that is surfacing above everything else I have. It is the Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy. I came across this nail polish after Estee from essiebutton wore it in several of her videos. At first I got the exact shade she had (Up the Ante), and after discovering how amazing the quality was, I went and got three more.

Left to Right: Beginner's Luck, Up the Ante, High Roller, Wild Card
wearing Wild Card

What I love about them you ask? There isn't a lot of shades, but I do hope they come out with more. The finish (after two coats) is super... super shiny. As if it was a gel nail polish. I know Sally Hansen came out with gel-type polishes, but oh my, they are horrible! But these from Revlon are amazing. They stay shiny for days on end. I want to compare them to the Butter London polishes because they are super shiny too and the wear goes for days too. The thing though is Revlon is that it is half the price of the Butter London ones! 

I just love how long-lasting they are and how shiny they stay put until you take them off. I usually find that nail polishes start looking dull after a day or two, or immediately after you apply hand lotion. But this will last! I've tried other Revlon polishes, but other lines from them aren't that great. It is specifically this line of products that rock ;)