Too Cool For School⎜Egg Mousse Pack

This really cool mask is great for tightening pores and brightening the skin. When used, it really preps the skin for the rest of your skincare. This is the Too Cool for School Egg Mousse Pack. 

DIY Glass Nails⎜Nail Inspiration by Unistella
I have been obsessed with Unistella's Instagram account, gushing over all of their nail designs. Since I can't get their magical touch any time soon, I thought I'd learn one of their most loved nail designed to do on my own. It is their "glass nails" aka "유리조각네일" (yoo-lee-jo-kaak nails). Basically, it makes your nails look like they have broken glass pieces on them. It is so pretty, and totally chic enough that goes with any kind of outfit!

Uncover the Glow⎜Natural Beauty Essentials

from Glossier with permission

Today's post is featuring some of my favorite products that release glow from within, from skincare to makeup. Sometimes we get so boggled down by products, trying to cover and conceal everything. But today, it's about showing a little bit of bare truth by allowing glow from within.

Makeup Menu #1

It's been so long since I uploaded anything on my Youtube channel. I tried to get realistic with myself and thought what I could consistently do without taking months off of Youtube. I decided to just vlog my makeup without thinking TOO much about it. Basically, the "Makeup Menu" series is just going to be me turning on the camera and filming whatever makeup I feel like putting on that day. Hopefully you guys enjoy it!

Please leave me feedback and tell me what you think! :)


Today I want to spotlight a new jewelry craze that I am in love with. I stumbled upon this already hit brand in Korea recently, and since then, I've been scrolling through every picture they ever posted of their jewelry. The brand HIGH CHEEKS is unlike any other jewelry I have, something I wouldn't normally go for (I am more of the dainty-ring kind). But I'm in the zone now.
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