Foundation Review⎜Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation 12-Hour Full Coverage

One of my most loved and well-read post is "Ranking my Favorite Foundations" post. Like most people, I too am most keen on foundations. They can be the priciest beauty products to spend money on, and also the most difficult to find the right one for you. The hardest parts of picking the right foundations are: choosing the right shade, coverage, finish, and length of wear.

That said, I haven't been able to put up a foundation review in the longest time, partly because I've been loving the same foundations that I featured on that blogpost. Today, I'm going to be talking about the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation 12-hr Full Coverage foundation, a fairly recent foundation that I purchased, and let you in on how I feel about it!

Nail Obsession⎜MARBLE Nails & Others

I've been going nail crazy. Now with a lot of time on my hands, I've been taking the leisure to get creative with my nails. After gushing over Unistella's nails (read more about them here), I've become bolder with how I do my nails. Most recently, I've been trying out marble nails and loving it to pieces. I'm going to include some of the nails I've been wearing- from marbling, to nude chic, and others!

BIG HAUL⎜Sephora Rouge VIB 20% Sale

Sephora can be a dangerous place. I waited for their annual sale to go on so that I could pick up a few bits I've been eyeing for a long time. Makeup can be really pricey, so discounts are always welcome. Here is a haul of the makeup and samples I received from the Sephora VIB Rouge sale that went on a few days ago. For VIB members, I believe the sale is to start soon. 

Finding my Favorite Innisfree Cushion!⎜Long Wear Cushion in Shade 31

I've been experimenting with cushion foundations, and if you've never heard about them, they are huge in Korea. Because of their popularity, Western beauty markets have been coming out with their own versions of cushion foundations.


Exciting news guys! I know #GLASSNAILS or #SHATTEREDGLASS nails have been hitting it hard on the internet. I've been doing my own "Glassnails" for awhile now, and seriously, people have been stopping me on the streets asking me how I did them. Read my DIY Post on how to do them :)  Today, I thought I'd give two lucky people the chance to try them at home!! These stickers are so much easier than having to sit and cut them up yourselves!

[Review] Intense Hair Treatment⎜Bringadi by Kama Ayureveda

My hair, well... I called it fur. It was dead, lifeless, limp, fuzzy... seemed pretty much like cheap fur. Recently, I've been doing so much to it - and then at a particular salon, they burnt my baby hairs on top. Not waiting for that to completely heal, I then went ahead and bleached it, then used henna... and it was just a mess.

Beauty Haul from INDIA⎜Body, Face, and Incense

I recently went to India. It was my first time visiting India. I stayed mainly in New Delhi, and of course, made time to visit the Taj Mahal. It was pretty jaw-dropping! But while I was there, I had another goal in mind - and it was to pick up some beauty products I've been eyeing and discovering what's popular in India.
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