Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I caved. I went and got a Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in the shade "Custard", after trying to make "Vanilla" work. Though "Vanilla" does a great job in instant brightening, it sometimes feels a bit too much, like I've overdone my makeup. I prefer the more subtle, less Kim-K, highlighting. Hence, I went for custard which is a more yellow-tone shade. I love their concealer because they do not budge! Sometimes it almost feels waterproof in how it maintains its grip all throughout the day, in the summer too! 

I'm out of liquid eyeliners. I've used up all the ones I had, and I've been missing the precise en pointe liner-look. I've tried the Kat Von D Tattoo eyeliner my sister had. Loved it, but I kept to what I had just to finish what I had first. Then, when time was due, I headed straight for this one. It reminds me of the Korean-type eyeliners-- precise, intense, and fine-brushed.

Then, I've been eyeing the Urban Decay's velvet 24/7 eyeliners for quite some time. I refrained because I have enough 24/7 eyeliners to finish up. Still, something about that intense velvety finish always drew me in. After refraining myself from buying them, I was passing by Sephora's infamous sample line, and voila! They had three of the exact shades I wanted to try from their velvet line!! Perversion, Sabbath, and Smoke. That dark navy blue though... seriously beautiful. If I had green or blue eyes, I'd wear this shade all the time!

I have to say, I've been using these products ever since I got them. I threw away the Sephora receipt because I knew I'd be keeping them all :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Favorite ESSIE Nail Polishes

I don't know if I'm making the leap into the Essie world and discontinuing my loyalty to Butter London nail polishes, but what's for sure is that Essie nail polishes are really starting to grow on me. Their vast range of color choices and the fact that they are more affordable, makes me like them... a lot. But recently, I find that Essie polishes have become easier to paint on and longer-lasting (although I do think keeping nail polishes on 3 days at a time would be the best for nails)!

I have three small shelves of nail polishes. I won't even count how many fits into those three shelves because I don't want to face the fact that over 3 years, I've been collecting quite a few. But, I do know that I have a hefty amount of Essie nail polishes. I've chosen a few of my favorite shades, although I am far from having tried even 1/4th of their range!

I've got a few on my mind as a next purchase, but until then, here are my faves! Faves as in, I'd repurchase them again and again and again. I haven't got the really famous ones, but these are shades that are right up my street and complement my skin tone exceptionally well :)

topless & barefoot, maxmillian strasse-her, bahama mama, absolutely shore, under where, casablanca

  • Bahama Mama -- best (slight) burgundy (real) plum purple shade out there 
  • Topless & Barefoot -- best nude pink, ever
  • Absolutely Shore -- sea foam summer, that's what it reminds me of
  • Under Where? -- prettiest lavender with a bunch of pink in it!
  • Maximillian Strasse-her -- gray green chic-ness
  • Casablanca -- those crazy days when you want your nails to shout
If you want to see them on, you can just search it up in the search bar on my blog :) I probably have a post for most of them. In the pictures below, I am wearing maximillian strasse-her which I love so much. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wishlist #6⎪beauty & others

There is something lovely about putting wish list products in a visual collage. These are some of the things that I've been dreaming about :)

  1. Tom Ford Wild Ginger
  2. Chanel Les Bieges
  3. Longchamp Le Pilage Backpack
  4. Pashley Cycles Britannia 
  5. Charlotte Tilbury Golden Goddess eye palette